… seriously committed to making your workplace great through public training, private learning events and bespoke e-learning

Happy offers services across the full eLearning project life cycle and across any subject or specialism. Whether you have a project that you would like brought to life, or need help with creating the content, we can help.

Our eLearning solutions aim to be engaging and insight-driven, and are bespoke to your project and organisation.

Why use Happy?

  • For us, training isn’t just about being knowledgeable or conveying complicated information. It’s about how much you can involve your learners.

  • ALL our training is designed to give people the practical IT and personal skills they need to do their job more effectively. This gives people more confidence when returning to work. It also has quantifiable benefits to the organisation.

  • It’s important that training be engaging and enjoyable. When people are feeling good and like the material, they learn more. It’s that simple.

  • For a truly engaging and interactive experience, the class size needs to be large enough for group interaction, whilst allowing for enough personal attention from the trainer.

  • Learning doesn’t stop once the course has finished. Most of the hard work happens back in the office. For this reason we’re committed to providing continuous post course support. We have a free IT helpline, website blog/forum and a social media presence for all our delegates.

Available courses

Leadership & Management courses

Becoming a Multiplier

4.8 (32 reviews)

Leading Remote Teams

5.0 (2 reviews)

Microsoft (Other) courses

Microsoft Excel courses

Excel 2016 Core Level 3

4.6 (294 reviews)

Excel Databases

4.8 (29 reviews)

Microsoft PowerPoint courses

Microsoft Word courses

Other IT courses

Photoshop Essentials

4.7 (21 reviews)

QuickBooks Essentials

4.5 (6 reviews)

Personal Development courses


4.7 (76 reviews)

Assertiveness for Women

4.8 (59 reviews)

Chairing Meetings

4.8 (28 reviews)

Crucial Conversations

5.0 (6 reviews)

Effective Minute Taking

4.7 (83 reviews)

Effective Time Management

4.7 (156 reviews)

Emotional Intelligence

4.7 (27 reviews)

Expert Report Writing

4.8 (19 reviews)


4.7 (31 reviews)

Project Management courses


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