Telling Stories with Charts in MS Excel


By the end of this course, you will be confident in choosing the right chart to display your data. You will be confident in creating and formatting these charts.

Course requirements
Delegates must be confident in using the basic features of excel: creating and saving excel workbooks; basic sorting and filtering.

What you will learn

In particular you will be able to:

Choose the best chart type for your data
Session 1
Change a chart type
Add or remove chart elements to make your charts clearer
Use combination charts to display different types/orders of data in a single chart
Use chart tools to filter your chart
Create chart templates to speed up the creating of your charts
Create a simple dashboard to display charts

Charts: What charts “Say”; Chart components; Chart Types; Creating Charts in Excel: Charts with Chart Wizard; Moving & Resizing Charts; Changing the Data Source; Changing the Plot direction; Changing the location of the Chart; Formatting Charts: Changing background Colours; Adding Chart Titles; Formatting Text objects

Session 2
Other chart types and when to use them: map; Stock; Treemap and sunburst; histogram; box & whisker; waterfall; funnel; Advanced Chart Features: Changing Axis; Formatting Gridlines; Adding Data Labels; Adding a Secondary Axis; Adding a Trendline; User-defined Charts;

Session 3
Interactive Charts with Lists and Pivot Charts: Using and creating Lists; Creating a Chart from a List; Using and creating Pivot Tables; Looking at Reports; Changing the Layout; Creating a Pivot Chart Report; Creating a Filtered Pivot Chart

Session 4
Dashboard: Putting your charts together on a dashboard.


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