Great Presentations (Despite Using PowerPoint) - Intensive Course


We have all been there. We have attended conferences with one ‘death-by-PowerPoint’ presentation after another and wondered if there was another way. The good news is that there is. There are techniques to use the strength of PowerPoint (visual reinforcement) without making it a bland reading of bullet points.

Common use of PowerPoint actually restricts the presenter, forcing him or her to follow a narrow pre-set route and making it harder to engage the audience. This course will show you how to break free of this restriction, use your natural personality – and back it up with simple but effective slides.

This course does not teach advanced PowerPoint techniques, or indeed any PowerPoint features at all. It will deal with what is effective in presentations and how to simplify your PowerPoint slides, give space to develop your speaking style – and how to involve the audience.

Delegates must be confident in PowerPoint at a basic level. You should be able to create simple slides and add WordArt and pictures

Important: Delegates are expected to bring a 5 to 10 minute PowerPoint presentation, to deliver to a colleague at the beginning of the course. You will use what you have learned to simplify the presentation and give a (hopefully) improved version at the end.  This is essential and all delegates will be expected to deliver a presentation. Ideally it should be on a work-related subject that you either have delivered or are planning to deliver in the future.

What you will learn

  • Identify the common characteristic of good and bad presentations
  • Break free from restrictive use of PowerPoint 
  • Identify why bullet points get in the way of effective presentations
  • Simplify your presentation to make it more effective
  • Use techniques, like the rule of 10, that engage the audience
  • Recognise the importance of audience involvement
  • Use questions to stimulate audience reaction
  • Be confident in creating involvement
  • Use story telling to increase the appeal to the audience
  • Take old presentations and transform them into more effective events

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1 Day
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