Get our insight into best practice and recommended techniques for collecting and using customer feedback.

Moving your classroom courses online?

Our six best practice suggestions for making a successful switch

Analysing Feedback on Coursecheck

See the big picture without losing sight of the details that matter

Notes for Instructors using Coursecheck

If you're an instructor collecting feedback at the end of a course, here's what you need to know

How to get high quality customer feedback

Response rates matter but the quality of the feedback you collect, matters more.

How to make your feedback matter

Collecting feedback is the easy bit. Using it to make a difference is harder.

Getting started with Coursecheck

You've signed up for a free trial. What happens next?

What makes a good feedback form?

Start with the end in mind and think about what you really want to know.

Apprenticeship Training Providers

Understand and analyse your Learner feedback

What's a good Net Promoter Score?

So you're tracking your NPS, but what is a score to be proud of?

Installing the Coursecheck widget

How to integrate your reviews with your website using the Coursecheck widget

Using accessplanit to manage your training?

Take advantage of the Coursecheck / accessplanit integration

Why reviews matter more than ever

Find out what makes reviews so powerful and what they could do for your business.

Why should training businesses go digital?

Five reasons to ditch paper feedback forms and go digital.

Making the most of your customer feedback

Our best practice guide to maximising the marketing benefits of reviews

Responding to customer feedback

Six tips for responding to customer feedback (good and bad)

Choosing the right Reviews platform

Six things to consider when choosing a reviews website to promote your training.

Reviews in the world of B2B training

Online reviews are no longer just a B2C thing. They matter for B2B businesses too.