Active Listening Skills & Giving Positive Constructive Feedback


Listening is the most valuable and most neglected skill. It can help you develop great ideas, win trust, keep customers, solve problems, avoid conflicts, and resolve them when they do come up. And giving feedback frequently and promptly is at the heart of good management.Both skills are absolutely essential in both your personal and work life, so let us show you how to do it brilliantly in this brand new one-day workshop.

What you will learn

  • Understand how communication works and look at the difference between listening and hearing
  • Discover the benefits of empathic listening
  • Learn and practice the 5 key elements of active listening
  • Understand how to use questions to get the best out of your relationships
  • Recognise what stops you listening and identify solutions to deal with this
  • Identify key tips to improve your communication on the phone
  • Identify the difference between constructive and destructive feedback
  • Identify what stops you giving feedback and the impact this can have on others
  • Identify where the most valuable feedback for a person can come from
  • Learn the key steps to providing constructive and positive feedback clearly and within appropriate timescales
  • Practice giving feedback positively to create new possibilities
  • Prepare yourself to respond well to feedback from others

Further information

1 Day

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9 Alie Street
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