Coursecheck for In-house Training

Understand the learner experience

Collecting feedback is easy. Using feedback to make a measurable difference to your business is harder. That’s where Coursecheck comes in.

Coursecheck is a course evaluation system designed specifically for training, with automated reports and out-of-the-box analysis providing instant visibility of what’s working well and what could be better.

It’s easy to use Coursecheck at the end of a course with learners leaving feedback on their smart phones or tablets. With no survey links to send out, administration is minimal; and response rates are guaranteed to be high.

Out-of-the-box insights

Analysis by course or trainer, makes it easy to see what’s working well and where improvements could be made. Response rates tell you who’s best at collecting feedback and trend indicators show you where the numbers are heading.

Automated reports let you act promptly

Get comment summary reports and negative feedback alerts delivered straight to your inbox so you can act promptly when you need to.

AI-generated comment analysis

Our ChatGPT integration enables you to generate tailored reports to summarise text-based responses, significantly reducing the time it takes to analyse data and identify areas for improvement.

Simplify feedback collection

For on-line learning, put a survey link in the chat box. For classroom courses, give learners an event code to enter on their mobile or tablet. Collecting feedback on-the-spot guarantees a high response rate and minimises administrative effort.

Feedback forms that drive improvement

Designing a good feedback form is easier said than done. Create different forms for different courses and use our recommended questions to gain more insight into the learner experience.

Follow-up feedback

Valuable insights can be gained a month or two after the training has taken place. Use follow-up surveys to find out if learners have been able to put their new skills into practice, and the impact this has had.

Training in different countries?

If you’re running courses abroad, our multi-language support lets you collect feedback in ten different languages with more being added all the time.

Talks to your other systems

Coursecheck has off-the-shelf integrations with many popular Learning Management and Training Administration systems including Training Orchestra, Dante, Docebo, Accessplanit, Arlo and Administrate.

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