Frequently asked questions

Does Coursecheck publish all the feedback?

No. We only publish the overall ratings and comments; and to identify the review, we publish the customer's first name and initial together with the date they attended the course. The detailed feedback and other personal information provided by your customers, is only accessible to you.

Can I control which reviews get published on Coursecheck?

No. For Coursecheck to be credible, we publish every review unless a customer opts out which they can choose to do at the time of writing their review.

Can I change the questions that get asked?

Yes. Apart from a few mandatory questions, you can devise your own questions; and even make them specific to particular courses.

Can I download survey responses and delegate contact information?

Yes. You can download all the data relating to your courses, to a CSV file. But usage of the data by both you and Coursecheck is governed by our Terms & Conditions for Training providers. Coursecheck will never share the data with any third parties.

Most of our training is bespoke so we don't have a course catalogue. How does Coursecheck display our customer feedback?

Feedback from custom courses contributes to your overall Coursecheck rating and people can still access all the customer comments from your company profile page.

How secure is the data?

Coursecheck is registered with the Data Protection Agency and is committed to keeping all the data it collects securely.

Does Coursecheck display course schedules?

No. If people want to know more about a course, including when it's scheduled, they must follow the links to the Training Provider's own web site.

How do you ensure that all feedback is genuine?

a) You can't write a review without an event code. You generate these yourself and give them to your customers.
b) We send an authentication email to anyone writing a review and no review is published until it's been authenticated.
c) We don't publish anonymous reviews.

Is it possible to identify a trainer from a review?

No. Trainer names are not displayed on the public-facing side of the site.

How are courses categorized on Coursecheck?

You can define your own course categories but Coursecheck also has its own subject area categorization to help people searching for courses.

How can I show off our credentials?

There are specific search filters to allow people to select training providers with particular credentials. You can manage these yourself on the site.

What about other forms of training like virtual delivery and e-learning?

Coursecheck is designed to cater for all types of training with the questions asked, changing dynamically based on the type of training.

What if I get negative feedback?

Research shows that you shouldn't worry about a few negative reviews. People understand that occasionally things go wrong but the test of a good company is how you respond when that happens.

Does Coursecheck moderate the feedback that is posted?

No. But anyone can report an inappropriate review and we will remove any review that breaches our Terms of Usage policy.