Conflict Resolution at Work


The working environment can frequently resemble a war-zone; conflict can arise between individuals, within and between teams and within the larger organisation. This Conflict Resolution training course will consider the causes of conflict and consider practical skills to enable you to act as a mediator between others and also to cope with conflict directed at (or coming from) yourself.

What you will learn

  • To be able to defuse and resolve existing conflict
  • To empower staff to deal with conflict issues
  • To recognise your role/responsibility in conflict situations
  • To be able to act as an effective mediator

Themes Covered

  • Resolving conflict: between individuals and within teams, between staff and management, and between organisation and management committees
  • Types of conflict: Suppressed conflict, open conflict, and procedural conflict (grievances)
  • The reasons for conflict: Different styles of working, lack of job ownership, ineffective communication, lack of common goals
  • Dealing with conflict: Active listening, understanding both sides, focusing on the issues rather than people, trying to find consensus
  • Preventing future conflict: Open communication, mediation structures, developing relationships, empowering staff to solve problems.

Further information

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