Coursecheck Terms of use for Reviewers

The following Terms of Use shall apply to anyone submitting a review on and by submitting a review, you are deemed to have accepted these terms.

  1. Your review should be a fair, accurate and complete summary of your experience of the course that you are reviewing
  2. You may only submit a review of a course if you have actually attended it.
  3. Your review should not contain:-
    1. Advertising for any other product or service
    2. Information that could disclose someone’s identity
    3. Any material that is illegal or that for whatever reason, you are not authorized to submit
    4. Any profanities or other vulgar, abusive or defamatory language
  4. You accept full liability for the contents of the review.

We reserve the right to remove reviews at our discretion if we believe there has been a breach of these terms.  We also reserve the right to identify you in response to a court order, threat of legal action or complaint.

If you see a review on that you believe should be removed, then please let us know and we will investigate and take action if appropriate.

Last updated: July 2014