Customer Stories

Find out how we've helped other training providers harness the power of their customer feedback.

Dviation Europe saved time and ensured accuracy by integrating Coursecheck with their training management system, Arlo.

Tower Fire Group wanted a third-party platform that allowed them to be totally transparent with their customers.

Realise wanted to gain a deeper insight into their learners' experiences with real-time updates throughout their learning programmes.

Kennedys wanted a system that would inform them whether their workshops were meeting the objectives and learning needs of their participants.

Euromoney Learning wanted a system that would simplify their course evaluation process and provide instant data, saving time and effort.

Up To Speed Training wanted an effortless solution to analyse feedback and maintain quality standards.

Simply Academy wanted to help students make an informed decision when selecting a training provider.

TMD wanted a way to ensure that training was effective for their global client base.

Sherwood wanted a user-friendly feedback system that would give them instant access to feedback and highlight any issues.

Ioda were looking for a better way to collect and analyse learner feedback.

The Faraday Centre was looking for a more efficient way to capture feedback and move away from paper forms.

Helen Pettifer wanted to reduce the time and effort being spent collecting and collating feedback.

Happy wanted an easy way to get business insight from their learner feedback.

Abstract wanted to improve their labour-intensive feedback collection process and demonstrate ROI to their clients.

PTT needed to demonstrate customer satisfaction for their ISO certification.

Scott Bradbury wanted a professional and reliable way of collecting feedback across their wide range of training services.

DMM needed interested parties to be able to gain an understanding from the delegate’s point of view.

The NCSPET wanted a better way of managing feedback and sharing it with stakeholders.

For Charles Bloe, capturing delegate feedback in a user-friendly way is key to facilitating learning and confidence.

Green Cross Training wanted an independent feedback site to integrate seamlessly with their website.

The Learning & Development company wanted better insight from digital feedback and reduced administration.