Getting to Grips with Google (1 day)


1 day course

This course is designed for anyone who would like an overview of what Google Apps for Business offers or who is familiar with Microsoft Office but is moving over to Google Apps for Business.

General requirements

Students should be confident in creating and saving documents in Office as well as using Outlook (or similar email programme)


This course will help you to create and save documents on Google Drive, edit documents in Google Docs and Google Sheets, share and collaborate on documents, create emails in Google Mail, use the Google Calendar feature, and convert to and from Microsoft Office formats.

What you will learn

Session 1: Getting Started

Accessing your apps and signing in
The Docs Editor home screen
Saving documents to Google Drive
Accessing documents saved to Google Drive
Using folders
Searching documents
Session 2: Google Docs

Creating a Google Docs document
Editing the document and changing formatting
Uploading an existing Word document
Find and replace
If there's time: Using styles, Sharing and collaborating, emailing a document as an attachment
Session 3: Google Sheets

Creating a Google Sheets document
Uploading an existing Excel document
Laying out and editing a spreadsheet
If there's time: Formulas in Google Sheets
Session 4: Google Mail and Google Calendar

Sending and receiving emails
Attaching files
Deleting messages
Adding and editing email signatures
Creating a Calendar appointment
If there's time: Inviting people to a meeting, creating a new Calendar, recurring events
We can also offer sessions on Google Hangouts, Communities and Forms.

Further information

1 Day

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