Expert Presentation Skills


This two-day presentation skills workshop considers the importance of preparation before giving a presentation, speech or talk – being sure you know what you want to say and organising your material. You will discuss and examine the use of audio-visual aids (such as PowerPoint slides), effective self-presentation and will have an opportunity to deliver a short presentation to your group.

What you will learn

The course will enable you to:

  • Set clear objectives for your presentation
  • Choose and apply the appropriate structure, style and strategy to plan and deliver their presentation
  • Understand and utilise a range of skills and techniques to make their presentation more effective
  • Deliver a presentation clearly and competently
  • Advanced preparation

Please bring along a 5-10 minute pre-prepared presentation on any subject of your choice ready to deliver at the start of the programme to the other participants.

Themes Covered

  • Practice delivering your pre-prepared presentation and receive feedback on what you did well and what could be even better
  • Identify what makes a great presentation
  • Ensure you have clear purpose for every presentation
  • Identifying a through-line for your presentation
  • Structure a presentation effectively
  • Discover Guy Kawasaki’s 10,20, 30 rule for PowerPoint presentations and avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’Recognise the power of stories and practice telling your own stories
  • Ensure your non-verbal communication and body language back up your message
  • Deliberately choose your body language to boost your credibility or approachability as required
  • Handling nerves and using your body language to boost your confidenceUsing pauses and intonation to emphasise your message
  • Discover practical tips for involving and engaging your audience
  • Identify how to make your presentation memorable
  • Personal action plan beyond the programme

Further information

2 Days

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