Customer story: Realise

Realise is a national training provider that puts people first, training over 7,000 people each year. Through our experienced trainers and coaches, we work collaboratively with employers and industries to deliver meaningful training experiences. This ensures that employers and learners alike can gain true value from our apprenticeship and adult learning programmes.


  • Clearer oversight of the experiences our learners have across the business so that we can promptly address any issues.
  • Increase learner engagement with feedback surveys.
  • Simplify the time-consuming manual analysis of data.
  • Reduce data storage and email traffic.
  • Reduce the administrative burden for trainers when collecting feedback at the end of their sessions.


Introducing Coursecheck has helped us to gain a deeper insight into our learners' experiences. We now have a comprehensive oversight of their first-hand experiences, with real time updates throughout their learning programmes. We are able to proactively pinpoint changes required to curriculum and implement timely interventions to ensure an outstanding educational experience.

Our trainers are able to use learner feedback to reflect on their practice and pedagogical methods and identify areas for continuous improvement. The data analysis dashboard is easy to use and ensures we get a clear picture of what is happening across the business.

We share the data with our Educational Excellence Board, who challenge our practices and decisions based on this feedback to ensure we are continually improving and striving for excellence for our learners.

The Coursecheck system has provided us with such valuable insights into the experiences of our learners, and the feedback we receive allows us to not only act quickly to any changes required, but also to recognise achievements. I found it most valuable during our recent Ofsted inspection where we were graded GOOD, as I was quickly able to show inspectors how we have made changes to programmes based on learner feedback. Feedback from both learners and trainers is that the system is simple and easy to use, and it has enabled us as an organisation to further improve our practices.

Caroline Williams, Head of Continuous Improvement

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