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We are Mental Health In The Workplace, a training provider, co-founded by Gary Johannes and Tamsen Garrie, both of whom have been supporting organisations and the wellbeing and development of the people who work within them, for longer than we can remember!

We work in partnership with organisations to reduce mental health risk through inspiring a culture of employee wellness and creating a working environment where people truly thrive, so that the organisation thrives by default.

We specialise in providing training specifically around mental health and wellbeing, training that is unique in that, in addition to the generic content provided by other training providers, it incorporates the most up to date neuroscientific information and knowledge available, genuinely equipping people to manage their own mental health, so that they can be the best version of themselves in every area of their life, including their work.

Our facilitators are not only competent trainers, they are also qualified and experienced therapists, running their own practices where they successfully treat individuals suffering with stress and anxiety and a wide range of associated mental health issues, everyday.

Why use Mental Health In The Workplace?

  • We work in partnership with organisations inspire a culture of wellness to improve performance and to mitigate risk to both their people and their business

  • Our combination of experience and expertise means that we are able to support you to both identify and mitigate mental health risk in your organisation and to develop a culture which promotes a happy working environment and in effect, a happy organisation: one that is both profitable and sustainable.

  • By working with us, you can ensure that the three main mental health deliverables defined by the HSE are addressed in your workplace as a minimum

  • For many businesses, this basic series of practical action steps will adequately protect their people from harm, whilst also protecting the future success and growth of the business. You can be confident when using us, that you are providing appropriate and effective mental health support in your workplace, in compliance with HSE standards.

  • In addition to our own Mental Health Awareness and Managing Mental Health Workshops, we are approved by MHFA England, to provide Mental Health First Aid Training.

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