Nutrition and Movement for enhanced resilience and performance - ONLINE KEYNOTE


This one-hour keynote explores how nutrition and movement play a large role in mental and physical health and resilience and what can be done to improve and maintain good health and wellbeing.

The keynote covers the purpose of healthy nutrition and why movement is important. It’s a guide to what makes up a healthy balanced plate and why this is important for both mental and physical health. Looking at forms of movement, how they affect the body and the brain, the impact of a sedentary lifestyle and how to integrate more movement into daily life in order to minimise stress and improve resilience and performance.

What you will learn

• An understanding of the key aspects of nutrition and movement and the impact on mental and physical health and wellbeing.
• The knowledge and skills to better manage your own wellbeing.
• Self-awareness and insight into your own nutritional and physical health status and challenges
• The ability to identify areas you can improve on and develop new healthier habits.

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Mental Health In The Workplace
Mental Health In The Workplace
1 Hour
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Mental Health In The Workplace

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