A powerful DOSE (2 hours) for enhanced mental resilience & performance ONLINE WORKSHOP - Mental Health Awareness (for everyone)


An introduction to the topic of mental health, which raises awareness of mental health issues, what creates them and how they impacts the brain, body and the workplace, as well as simple things we can do ourselves to proactively minimise the possibility of compromised mental health and the impact, both on ourselves and those we live and work with.

Everyone who completes the course gets a workbook, which details all learning content and highlights key points to remember and actions to take so that they can refresh their knowledge and refer back at any time, enabling them to implement their new knowledge and skills immediately. They also receive a certificate to say that they have attended the Mental Health Awareness course.

Numbers are limited to 30 people per course so that we can ensure people feel safe and supported while they learn.

What you will learn

This two hour workshop combines presentations and current statistical content with individual reflections and activities, all built around modern neuroscience and equips attendees with the following:

  • An understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect mental wellbeing
  • Self-awareness and insight into your own mental health status and challenges
  • The knowledge and skills to better manage your own mental wellbeing

Further information

Mental Health In The Workplace
Mental Health In The Workplace
2.5 Hours
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Virtual delivery

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Mental Health In The Workplace

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