Mental Health Conversations for Managers


This session supports our managing mental health workshop, providing a refresher of how mental health becomes compromised, the impact on life and work as well as some specific information around the anxiety caused specifically due to Covid-19 and the impact of that on the brain, wellbeing and performance.

It provides guidance on managing people and teams remotely, advice on approaching conversations around mental health and support resources to direct people to should they need it, equipping managers with the knowledge, tools and confidence to better support their people to cope with Covid-related anxiety and build their individual personal resilience, so that they can cope more effectively with modern day challenges, both at home and at work.

This workshop is designed for managers who have already attended our online Mental Health Awareness workshop or our Managing mental health workshop previously and who either 1) have team members who are struggling and do not feel confident and/or competent in supporting them, or 2) who just want to ensure that they are doing everything they can to enable their people teams and colleagues to maintain positive wellbeing. 

What you will learn

By the end of this session, you will have renewed or new understanding of:

• How mental health can become compromised (a reminder of the neuro-science behind stress)
• The impact of compromised mental health on everyday life and the workplace
• The impact of the Covid-19 situation on mental health
• The role of ‘happy hormones’ and the 3 Principles of Positivity in positive mental health
• How to spot the signs of compromised mental health in your team
• How to approach and have ‘the conversation’ around mental health with your team members
• How to better manage and prevent negative stress in your team

Further information

Mental Health In The Workplace
Mental Health In The Workplace
1.5 Hours
£300 (ex VAT)
On demand
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Virtual delivery

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Mental Health In The Workplace

The Old Schoolhouse
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