Coursecheck & Arlo: Integrate training evaluation with course management

Learn how to integrate training evaluation with course management

About Arlo

Arlo is a purpose-built training management system designed for training providers. It enables you to manage course registrations, payments, websites, CRM, and reporting all through one powerful platform.

How Arlo can help Coursecheck customers

Arlo’s user-friendly platform helps you run your training business more efficiently, reducing administrative tasks so you can focus more on training.

With Arlo you can:

Streamline course administration - Effortlessly create courses, automate communications, and manage your training schedule & presenters across face-to-face, live-online, and blended learning.

Easily take registrations & payments - Automate the entire registration workflow with customisable forms, flexible payment options and smart invoicing. Leverage waitlists, discounts, and registration rules for private and public courses.

Drive results with real-time reporting & CRM - Manage client records, relationships and leads all in one place. Track course performance, build customisable reports and make informed decisions that drive growth.

Grow your business with a website built for training - Drive more traffic, optimise conversions and update your website in real time. Seamlessly integrate your website or use Arlo’s modern, out of the box solution.

Connect with the tools you love - Along with Coursecheck, Arlo integrates with all of your favourite providers, from eLearning, payments, accounting, marketing and more.

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How Coursecheck and Arlo work together

Our off-the-shelf integration with Arlo enables automatic synchronisation of your course schedule from Arlo into Coursecheck. This is done using Arlo’s robust API and includes details of all your upcoming events and courses.

At the end of a course, learners are presented with a feedback survey pre-populated with relevant details such as the course and instructor names. QR codes can be generated for on-the-spot feedback during the course. Once completed, survey responses are instantly visible in your Coursecheck dashboard, and you are alerted to any issues, allowing for swift responses.

Through this integration, the process of requesting feedback on Coursecheck is fully automated, helping to maximise response rates. Integrate Arlo with Coursecheck and make the most of your customer feedback.

Learn more about Arlo and training management

You can learn more about Arlo by visiting their website, and what a training management system is by reading their Ultimate Guide to Training Management Systems.

Find out how Coursecheck and Arlo helped their customer, Dviation Europe, improve their training evaluation process in this case study.


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