Will Thalheimer’s Learning Evaluation Workshops

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Work-Learning Research founder Will Thalheimer is a global leader in learning, development, and performance-improvement. We’re delighted to be able to offer Coursecheck customers up to 30% off his workshops on Performance-Focused Learner Surveys and the LTEM Framework.


Performance-Focused Learner Surveys Workshop

Who is the workshop for?
This workshop is open to all but was designed for experienced learning and performance professionals. The workshop offers flexibility, enabling participants to take the workshop as a learning experience or add to their experience by doing extra work to earn their Gold Certification.

Workshop Topics

  • The Fundamentals of Learning Evaluation
  • The Science of Learner Surveys
  • How Traditional Smile Sheets Produce Poor Data
  • How to Replace Likert-like and Numeric Scales
  • How Learner Survey Questions Can Send Messages
  • How to Write an Effective Learner Survey Question
  • How to Use Standards to Reduce Bias and Create Meaning
  • How LTEM (The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) Brings Wisdom to Evaluation
  • How to Use Follow-Up Learner Surveys
  • How to Think about Survey Response Rates; and Raise The Rates
  • How to Use Acceptability Indexing and the Quantification of Data
  • Displaying Learner-Survey Data
  • Using a Workable Survey-Design Process

Workshop Format
The workshop includes three live sessions and a substantial amount of asynchronous exercises, discussions, and a short project.

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The LTEM Boot Camp & Evaluation Foundations Workshop

About LTEM
Since its publication, LTEM (The Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) has rocketed throughout the world into the boardrooms and workspaces. An upgrade and replacement for the Kirkpatrick-Katzell Four Level Model, LTEM was created to align with the latest science of learning and to enable organisations to capture data that measures impact, supports learners, and maximizes the effectiveness of your learning designs—all the while creating continuous cycles of improvement for your programs and learning teams.

This intensive bootcamp workshop is offered to prepare learning professionals to use LTEM and bring wisdom into the learning-evaluation process.

Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to the LTEM Framework
  • Learning Evaluation Purposes and Perspectives
  • The Three Goals of Learning Measurement
  • Setting up a Measurement-First Learning Design Process
  • The Frightening Research on Smile Sheets
  • Intro to Performance-Focused Learner Surveys
  • Using DEIA Questions on Your Learner Surveys
  • Using Leadership Development Questions on Surveys
  • The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Four-Level Model
  • Gathering KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Creating KBIs (Key Behavior Indicators)
  • Using LTEM to Create Meaningful Change
  • Building Scenario Questions for Assessment
  • The SEDA Model
  • Auditing Learning Programs

The Journey
The LTEM Workshop is designed to get your team ready to make significant improvements in your evaluation practices. Instead of focusing on everything at a surface level, the workshop will drill down to ensure your team is ready to get started and hit the ground running. Work-Learning Research can provide subsequent support in terms of coaching, materials development, review, feedback, and educational sessions to your key stakeholders.

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About Will Thalheimer

Will Thalheimer is a world-renowned speaker, writer, researcher and consultant focused on research-based best practices for learning design, learning evaluation, and presentation design. He wrote the award-winning book Performance-Focused Learner Surveys and created the LTEM (Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model).

If you’re interested in attending Will Thalheimer’s workshops, get in touch with us to receive your discount code.

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