The Ultimate Guide to Training Evaluation

Unlock the power of your learner feedback

Evaluating training is essential for improving learning outcomes and driving business performance. However, the design of effective feedback surveys and the subsequent data analysis can be a challenge for training providers.

The Ultimate Guide to Training Evaluation looks at how both training companies and L&D teams can harness the power of their learner feedback to drive positive change. From best practice strategies to practical tips, we delve into the methods you should be adopting to not only collect large volumes of high-quality data but, more importantly, use the insights to make a measurable difference.


What’s in the Guide?

  • How to collect high volumes of quality feedback
  • Effective feedback survey design
  • Using feedback to drive improvement
  • The role of AI in course feedback analysis
  • Using feedback to win new business (for training companies)
  • Choosing the right evaluation platform


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