Apprenticeship Training Providers

Capture and analyse learner voice using a purpose-built feedback tool

Getting and analysing learner feedback has always been important but understanding the impact of your Apprenticeship provision is now a critical feature of the 2019 Ofsted inspection framework. Coursecheck makes it easy to establish how learners perceive tutors, assessors, learning materials and Apprenticeship provision overall. You could even use our follow-up survey tool to capture employer views, too.

It’s a mobile-friendly training evaluation system, which makes it far simpler for learners to engage with, whether in classroom or remote. Feedback collected digitally tends to be far more honest and insightful, and curriculum and quality managers get real-time insight into what’s working well and what’s not. There's also a marketing element to Coursecheck, which helps you harness the power of Learner feedback to evidence the quality of your training services.

Management Benefits

  • Ability to collect feedback in the classroom or workplace, ensures the maximum response rate and allows you to survey the same group multiple times if you need to.
  • Real-time analysis and valuable insights shows you what’s working well and where improvements could be made, supporting your staff development and PDR processes.
  • Automated alerts and reports make it easy to manage learner satisfaction issues early and quickly.
  • Reporting is customisable to different levels, such as trainer level, manager or quality manager level, so you can report on specific courses, cohorts or departments
  • Reports can be run across academic years and are easily exportable, if they need to be imported into LMS or other systems.

Marketing Benefits

  • With 90% of employers reading reviews before making purchasing decisions, being able to prove how good your apprenticeships are, has never been more important.
  • It’s easy to integrate Coursecheck with your own website so people can read your Learner feedback and get the reassurance they're looking for.
  • Google loves reviews so your search rankings get a big boost.
  • Coursecheck is integrated with Social Media. For example, Learners can tweet their review with a single click.

To find out more about how Coursecheck can help you make the most of your Learner feedback for apprenticeships, get in touch; or if you want to dive straight in, sign up for a free 15 day trial.

Getting started with Apprenticeship delivery

To deliver government-funding apprenticeships, organisations must first apply to become registered on RoATP, the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. Guidance on how to do this can be found here.

If you're thinking about getting involved in apprenticeship delivery but not sure what route to take, we recommend talking to the team at The Education and Skills Consultancy (ESC). ESC offer an end-to-end bid writing service for all RoATP routes with a dedicated bid writer to ensure a successful application.