Notes for Instructors using Coursecheck

If you're using Coursecheck in the classroom, here's what you need to know

What's Coursecheck?

Coursecheck is an online course evaluation system. It’s designed to be used in the classroom as an alternative to paper feedback forms with delegates leaving feedback using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. By getting everyone to submit their feedback together in this way, you can expect close to a 100% response rate.

Why are we using it?

By collecting feedback digitally, the results can be easily analysed which helps us look for ways in which our training services can be improved. And the Coursecheck Marketing module, (with the Learners agreement), allows their overall rating and general comments about the course, to be made public on This in turn helps us to promote our courses and provide “social proof” of the quality of our training.

How does it work?

Each event is identified by a unique six-character code. This may be given to you by your Coursecheck administrator; or if you have a Coursecheck account, you can log in and find it in the “My schedule” menu option. Ledarners use the code to gain access to the course evaluation form and leave their feedback.

What do I need to do?

  1. Before the last day of the course, make sure you know the event code for your course.
  2. As part of your introduction on the last day of the course, make the delegates aware that you’ll be asking them for their feedback at the end.
  3. When the time comes, introduce the feedback as the final exercise of the day and reassure them that it will only take a few minutes. Explain that instead of paper forms, you use an independent online survey system and they can leave feedback using their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.
  4. Ask them to go to and click on the “Leave Feedback” button at the top of the home page. While they’re doing that, write the event code on the whiteboard or flip chart.
  5. Whilst Learners are leaving their feedback:
    - Make the point that the feedback they provide is genuinely important to the business and that you appreciate them taking the time to provide it.
    - Emphasise that you want them to be open and honest as it’s only by getting detailed feedback that the company knows what’s working well and what could be better.
    - If you're using the Coursecheck marketing module, explain that with their permission, their general comments and overall rating will be visible on but all other feedback will only be visible to us, the training provider.
    - Reassure them that the system is fully GDPR compliant and that the information they provide will not be misused.
    - Thank them.
  6. If you want to see the feedback that’s been submitted about your course, then ask your Coursecheck administrator for a report, or log in to your Coursecheck account.

Frequently Asked Questions (by Learners)

Will all my feedback be made public?
No. With your permission, your general comments and overall rating will be made public but your responses to other questions will only be visible to your training provider.

Will I be identifiable?
If you give permission for your review to be made public, you will be identified only by your first name and Initial. Your full name, if you provide it, will only be visible to your training provider. Depending on how the training provider has configured Coursecheck, you may also have an option to remain anonymous.

Is Coursecheck GDPR-compliant?
Yes. Coursecheck is registered under the Data Protection Act with licence No. ZA056850.

How will the information I provide, be used?
Your feedback and any personal Information you provide will be shared with your training provider and never with other third parties. Your training provider also commits never to share the information you provide, with third parties.