Mindful Surrey

Mindfulness training for individuals, schools and businesses, online and in-person

Mindful Surrey offers mindfulness courses and workshops for individuals, schools and businesses in Surrey and online. Our courses are delivered by experienced mindfulness teacher, Catherine Nasskau. Mindful Surrey is a registered UK charity and offers discounts for people on low incomes. 

What is mindfulness?

Imagine living every moment of your life to the full, being fully present to your experience, not thinking about the past or future, simply enjoying each and every moment of your life, without the worry about what has been or what is to come.

Mindfulness is a way of focusing your mind on the present moment, to give you more choice on how best to respond to everyday challenges. The combination of mindfulness and kindness can help you live with ease and fulfilment, and enjoy a fuller and richer life.

Why use Mindful Surrey?

  • Teacher is experienced at working with a wide range of people, both online and in-person

  • For schools - Catherine has taught children of all ages and from range of backgrounds; she has deep understanding of the demands that teachers are under

  • For individuals - groups are limited to 12 participants; pleasant environment for in-person courses

  • For businesses - flexibility in terms of courses and workshops that can be delivered, online and in-person

  • Registered UK charity - bursaries and discounts available for those in need

Available courses

Mindful Surrey

Contact Information

13 Warenne Road


  • Foundation MBSR course
  • Trained To Teach