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Cathy G, 24 May 2020

All administrative aspects surrounding the course were a complete nightmare, displaying repetitive incompence and outright disregard for the partiticipants. There were multiple data breaches, and the provision of support materials timings were disgraceful - Trigraph seemed to work under the assumption that we were available 24hrs a day. At course end c4pm we would be told course materials would be available 'immediately', this usually translated into c9pm, including when were asked to do a 2.5hr exam as homework for the next day. This issue was raised from the commencement of the course and not resolved over the two weeks.
Response : Hi Cathy, Thank you for taking the time to leave your comments. We appreciate your feedback and acknowledge that we faced some difficulties during the virtual delivery of this course. In trying to be as helpful and supportive to all students and trainers the distribution of files took considerably longer than anticipated each evening. We have mofified our procedures for virtual delivery going forward. We are delighted that all participants on this virtual course have passed their exams and we wish you all the very best with your new certifications.

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