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Who we are
InnerDrive is a Teaching and Learning coaching company. Over the last 14 years we have worked with hundreds of schools and colleges in the UK and around the world to help improve teaching & learning.

Why we do it
We want to make the world a better place by changing lives. We believe that learning effectively and efficiently is the key that unlocks every individual’s true potential.

How we do it
We translate cognitive science research so that it can be applied in the classroom to improve teaching and learning. We do this through a mixture of in person and online workshops, writing and one to one coaching.

We help teachers to understand, reinforce and improve their skills through our teacher CPD workshops. We work with students to improve their mindsets, resilience and learning through our comprehensive set of student workshops. We also help parents to help their children flourish in education through our parent workshops.

Understanding how students learn is fundamental to great teaching

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InnerDrive Ltd

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