Retrieval Practice


Retrieval practice is the most popular memory strategy being discussed in education, as it has been consistently found to improve student learning.

Nearly every educators knows about it now. The next step? Working out how we can best apply it to our practice.

This CPD workshop explores the very latest research and translates it into effective classroom strategies and techniques.

What you will learn

Creating a low-stakes environment

The importance of retrieval being stress-free
Accelerating learning vs Assessing learning
Retrieval tips

Should you give hints?
How to avoid the illusion of learning
The “Retrieval Effort Hypothesis”
Does unsuccessful retrieval help?
Getting a response to retrieval questions from all students

Cold calling
Wait times
Multiple-choice questionnaires

How many answers to give
How hard to make multiple-choice questionnaires
Should you use “All of the above” and “None of the above” answers?

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