Metacognition: Plan, Do, Review


Metacognition is a low-cost, evidence-based approach that helps improve the performance of students, particularly those that are low-achieving. Metacognition and self-regulation strategies have been found to add up to 7 months’ additional learning for students. Our CPD workshops will provide your staff with practical tips and strategies to make this a reality.

What you will learn

There are many metacognitive strategies you can use with your students, and they can often be divided into three stages: before, during and after a task. Our “Metacognition: Plan, Do, Review” teacher CPD workshop will give your staff practical strategies to help your students think metacognitively at each stage of their learning.

This CPD workshop can be delivered on its own, but we recommend booking it as an add-on to our “Metacognition: Practical Strategies” CPD workshop for a more complete view of metacognition and metacognitive strategies.

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