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Team building, with BITE: Full Day Reviews

Marta A, 26 Aug 2015


Great team building day - I would highly recommend it. We were a small team of 8 and when we were searching for team building activities we were concerned that there weren't enough of us to have a fun, and productive team building day. We couldn't have been more wrong! The two trainers were excellent, and the activities really helped us bond as a team. During the day we had to plan a build a food maze for gorillas. This is something that is completely different from our day job - we swapped computers for power tools! When we first found out what we would be doing we thought that we would never be able to finish it, but the trainers were very supportive and it was amazing to see the finished product! Since it was something completely different from our day job, it allowed us to genuinely bond as a team, without worrying about hierarchies or seniority of some members of staff. At the end of the day we got to see the gorillas "play" with our food mazes, which was immensely rewarding. Working as a team doing something completely different allow me understand the team dynamics much better, and I believe that it has helped improve our communication and strengthen us as a team. Thank you!!

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Stephanie B, 01 Sep 2015