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Value Driven Negotiation Reviews

william B, 30 May 2019


The trainer was working from a separate workbook to the rest of us which led to some levels of confusion. The practical exercises were OK, but not 100% relevant, I think if the trainer was able to discuss with us our roles and business' we work for, and produce a practical exercise based on those, it would of been more relevant. Whilst I felt the trainer overall was very professional, in the final practical exercise, I was called "Stupid" by the trainer, due to missing a point in the large brief pack. It was retracted relatively quickly, but I was embarrassed and made to feel very small within the group. It left a bitter taste, and as it was within the last hour of the course it really tarnished the whole feeling of how the course went. Apart from that, I felt the course was good, and had a lot of content to look back over.

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