Value Driven Negotiation


Negotiate successfully whilst maintaining positive relationships with your clients.

The ability to negotiate well is an absolute necessity. Anyone can strike a deal by conceding, but in today’s market you can’t afford such a tactic. Change the game and turn the typical positional negotiation into a co-operative discussion, helping you maintain positive relationships with your clients and protect margins.

Negotiating well boils down to the preparation done beforehand, your ability to think on your feet and the confidence to pause negotiations to reflect and review your position.

This course offers the latest methodologies and coaching from seasoned negotiators. You’ll also receive unique insight into how buyers think and behave.

Key Outcomes:

  • Understand the psychology and process of negotiation
  • Learn how to resist pressure and maintain your profit margins
  • Practise negotiation skills that allow you to achieve great results
  • Achieve win-win situations and maintain positive relationships

Target Audience:

Anyone involved in commercial negotiations who wish to enhance their negotiating ability to achieve their desired outcomes.

What you will learn

This intensive course offers the latest methodologies and coaching from seasoned negotiators, allowing you to transform your negotiations and improve margins.

You will leave this course able to:

  • Apply structure to your negotiations from pre-planning through to follow up and know-how and when to move from one stage to the next
  • Use logical and psychological techniques to plan your strategy and carry out your negotiation professionally
  • Respond to the other person’s ‘initial stance’ by understanding their priorities, wants and needs
  • Understand ‘negotiating leverage’ and use it ethically and effectively
  • Achieve win/win outcomes and maintain positive relationships
  • Recognise the strategies and tactics used by professional buyers and apply effective countermeasures
  • Assess the effect of concessions and variables to achieve a commercially viable outcome
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and those of others through role-play and analysis

Further information

Tack UK Training
Tack UK Training
2 Days
£1,249 (ex VAT)
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Coventry, Crewe, In-company, Leeds, London, Mottram, Rickmansworth

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