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Specialists in industrial hygiene consulting and training

Future Environment Designs (FED) provides consulting and training services in the fields of Indoor Air Quality, Microbial Investigation, Design and Remediation, Asbestos, Lead, Respiratory Protection (including fit testing), Hazardous Materials, OSHA Construction and General Industry Safety and Health Compliance.

FED has over 30 years of experience in helping “keep employees safe”, offering a unique training program to help businesses with their asbestos, lead, indoor air quality and occupational safety and health needs. It’s never been more important for businesses to work with a reputable leader to solve indoor air quality challenges and industrial hygiene and safety issues ... and there is no company that offers the experience, and training, that FED brings businesses today.

Available courses

Mold Remediation Training courses


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OSHA Safety Training courses

OSHA Scaffold User

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Future Environment Designs

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