Covid-19 Awareness Course


The OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (1910.1200 & 1926.59 (Subpart D)) was created to provide employee access to information and training about the hazardous substances that they may be exposed to in the workplace and how to protect themselves from these hazards.

This course was developed to provide employees access to information and train workers regarding the hazards of the coronavirus (covid-19). The course will provide information regarding the coronavirus, how to clean/disinfect for the coronavirus, and the proper personal protective equipment to protect the worker from the virus. This course was developed for workers who will be cleaning, disinfecting, and restoring areas after a coronavirus incident. This is a supplement to the standard hazard communication course and does not replace the full course.


What you will learn

1. Physical Characteristics of a virus and the health effects of Covid-19.

2. How to clean and disinfect for Covid 19.

3. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to use during cleaning and disinfecting for Covid-19.

4. Developing SARS-CoV-19 Response Plan

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Future Environment Designs
Future Environment Designs
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