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The OSHA standard for Bloodborne Pathogens (1910.1030) was created to protect employees from workplace exposure to pathogens found in blood and body fluids which they may be exposed to as a result of their specific work tasks.

The law requires employers provide this protection to employees through an Exposure Control Plan, Annual Training and Information, Personal Protective Equipment and the Hepatitis B Vaccination. A copy of the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard must be accessible to employees.

This course was developed to meet the training requirements of the standard and covers 4-hours of training. The training elements include modes of transmission, exposure control plan, hazard recognition, and the use of engineering controls, work practices and PPE.

What you will learn

1. Define bloodborne pathogens. 2. Identify workers who are at risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens. 3. Identify key aspects of a Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan. 4. Describe methods for controlling exposure to bloodborne pathogens. 5. Describe steps to take when exposed to a bloodborne pathogen.

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