Active Shooter


This course is for individuals who manage and develop emergency action plans for facilities. Events like Columbine and Sandy Hook have made the country aware of “active shooter.” Under New York State’s Project Save legislation, schools have been required to prepare for potential active shooters in their school emergency response plan. Under the OSHA regulations 1910.38, facilities are required to prepare an emergency response plan that deal with fires or other emergencies. A potential active shooter emergency is very different than a fire emergency. This course will discuss how you add an active shooter component to your emergency response plan. We will discuss active shooters, how to prepare for an active shooter, the training for an active shooter, and what happens when you have an active shooter.

What you will learn

History of Active Shooters – 0.5 hour – History PP

Communications – 0.5 hours

Preparing for an Active Shooters – 2 hours

Video – Hide, Run, Fight

Facility assessment – where to go

Tabletop drills & exercises

Police Response to Active Shooters – 0.5 hour

Emergency Response Plan Elements to Deal with an Active Shooter – 0.5 hour

Lockdown versus Lockout

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