CeMAP® - Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice


The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP®) is a RQF level 3 qualification specific to the UK.

The CeMAP® meets standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for those aiming for a ‘licence to practice’, so if your goal is to work in the mortgage industry, then our mortgage advisor course is the perfect way for you to achieve your CeMAP® qualification.

CeMAP® has long been recognised as the leading qualification in the financial services industry, with 80% of mortgage advisors having achieved the certificate. It is truly considered throughout the industry as the benchmark qualification.

The content and structure of the CeMAP® training has been designed to meet the regulatory requirements and demands of a career in financial services. Employers from across the sector have assisted in the development of CeMAP®, meaning that the content aligns with real-world requirements that employers are looking for.

Once you have completed your training and CeMAP® exams to achieve your qualified status, you are awarded full certification and can add the designation ‘CeMAP’ after your name, confirming your CeMAP® qualification to potential employers and future clients.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are specialists in financial education training and apprenticeships.
  • We have successfully trained over 15,000 professionals into the industry.
  • We are the largest corporate training provider for companies such as RBS and Santander.
  • We are fully accredited by both government and industry specific institutions.

What you will learn

The CeMAP® qualification is made up of seven compulsory units which are assessed in three modules:

CeMAP® Module 1

Unit 1 - Introduction to Financial Services Environment and Products (ITFS)
Unit 2 - UK Financial Services and Regulation (UKFS)

CeMAP® Module 2

Unit 3 - Mortgage Law, Policy, Practice and Markets (MLLP)
Unit 4 - Mortgage Applications (MAPP)
Unit 5 - Mortgage Payment Methods and Products (MPMP)
Unit 6 - Mortgage Arrears and Post Completion Issues (MAPC)

CeMAP® Module 3
Unit 7 - Assessment of Mortgage Advice and Knowledge (ASSM)

Each module culminates into a two-hour examination consisting of multiple-choice questions.

Once you have completed your CeMAP qualification, you will be awarded certification and may add the designation ‘CeMAP’ after your name.

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