For training providers

Collect, manage and respond to customer feedback, all in one place.

Coursecheck is a customer feedback system designed specifically for training providers.

Whether you're an in-house training team wanting to improve the quality of your courses, or a commercial training provider wanting to use online reviews to promote your courses, Coursecheck can help.

Management Benefits

  • Instant visibility of what's going well and where you could make improvements.
  • Automated alerts and reports, so you can act fast to resolve issues.
  • Follow-up survey capability to assess the long-term effectiveness of your training.
  • Digital collection, management and sharing of feedback that saves hours of administration.

Marketing Benefits

  • Independent feedback so you can prove how good your courses are.
  • Easy integration with your website making it easy for prospects to learn what others think of your training.
  • Google loves reviews, so your search engine rankings get a boost.
  • Fully integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, making it easy for your customers to spread the word.

How it works

How it works

Coursecheck makes it easy to manage your customer feedback. Real-time analysis of what your customers are saying and a valuable marketing asset for your business.

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