How Coursecheck works

Collecting Feedback

The best way to collect customer feedback with Coursecheck is to collect it before your Learners leave the classroom. Access to the survey form is via a Coursecheck event code given out by the trainer and Learners can use their phone, tablet or laptop so feedback can be collected from everyone.

Alternatively, survey links can be emailed to Learners. By doing this in advance, Learners can still leave feedback before they leave the classroom, or they can do it later, which can result in more insightful feedback.

In addition to classroom training, Coursecheck works equally well for other training formats such as distance learning, virtual learning and e-learning. Survey links can be embedded into course materials or emailed to Learners.

Managing Feedback

Use our out-of-the-box reporting and analytics (including support for NPS) to find out what's going well and what could be better. See how trainer performance varies from course to course, or whether some courses always get better feedback than others. Automated summary reports let you keep an eye on the big picture while negative feedback alerts ensure you never lose sight of the details that matter.

You can create event-specific reports suitable for sharing with colleagues or sending to your customers; and trainers can be given access so they can see the feedback they're getting and respond to feedback where appropriate.

To get started, you'll need to configure your survey form using the Coursecheck survey builder. For in-house training teams, the follow-up survey option can be used to help assess the impact the training has had.

Training companies can opt to make high-level comments and ratings public but detailed feedback is never published. For in-house training teams, all feedback remains private.

Coursecheck operates as a stand-alone platform but has off-the-shelf integrations with many popular training administration systems such as Arlo, Accessplanit & Administrate.

Marketing your Feedback

For training companies, good customer feedback in the form of on-line reviews is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd and prove how good you are. And by displaying them on an independent site such as Coursecheck, they can be used far more effectively than on your own website.

Every training company on Coursecheck has its own microsite, consisting of a company profile page and course outlines. These are all maintained by you through our secure portal. Coursecheck displays your course outlines together with any recent reviews. It's a powerful combination that's good for your SEO. But reviews can be harnessed in many other ways too. Refer to them in sales and marketing materials, on social media and in email footers. And most importantly, link them to your website using the Coursecheck widget.