DMM Training & Development

Working with your People today to become the Leaders of tomorrow.

I will help you make the changes for the better when you have Decided what it is you want to change. I will provide you with the environment and encouragement to stay Motivated through challenging times and teach you new techniques to develop skills to Maintain positive behaviours and habits.

I am a passionate, engaging and enthusiastic facilitator and coach for those looking for personal, management and leadership development. Over 30 years of being an employee and now running my own business since January 2013, I understand the daily challenges of staff motivation, retention, communication and productivity whilst keeping an eye on commercialism and the bottom line.

So, if you or your people are:

Struggling with the transition from being part of a team to managing a team
Overwhelmed with the quantity of work, but low job satisfaction at the end of the day
Everyone is communicating, but no one appears to be listening
Lack of Trust is damaging growth and development
Delegated work keeps re-appearing
Negativity is impacting the culture of the business

I challenge and encourage comfort zones to achieve previously unattainable results. Those who have taken up the challenge, become more confident communicators, managers and leaders with a set of skills and a positive 'can do' attitude.


Effective Communication and Relationship Building - gaining a better understanding of self and others
Dealing with Worry and Stress
Effective Time Management, Goal Setting and Productivity
Effective Delegation
Dealing with Underperformance - productive conflict
Impactful Business Communications and Presentations
Perfomance Management/Appraisals
Personal and Business Values
360 Reviews
DiSC Profiling
5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team
Train the Trainer
Performance Management Coaching ... 
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Why use DMM Training & Development?

  • I have a natural ability to both connect with and gain the trust of my programme attendees, whilst still challenging them to “have a go” and take part in the activities at the same time.

  • Anybody who attends one of my personal, management and leadership training programmes will find that I am positive and down to earth.

  • I will enable you to decide what changes you need to make and assist you with the motivation required to make those changes and provide you with practical techniques to help you develop and maintain those new skills.

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