Train the Trainer


A motivated and competent trainer can make the difference to the success of knowledge transfer within an organisation.  Knowledge and expertise in a subject are not enough to ensure that training is effective.

Anyone who is involved in training has a huge influence on the level of information retained and the successful development of employees they come into contact with.

That is why, investing in those employees entrusted to train others is so important.

What you will learn


How to select the most appropriate method(s) of training for the topic(s) being trained.

How to carry out a simple analysis of the learning needs to ensure the training is fit for purpose

How to develop training sessions using a structure that ensures the participants consistently achieve the learning objectives

The steps to ensure the Trainer, the Participants and the Venue are prepared

How to deliver training with a balance of trainer and participant activity

How to overcome nerves by ensurng the focus of the training is on the participants

How to conduct training sessions that encourages the level of learner participation

How to make effective use of visual aids

How to conduct effective evaluation and feedback

How to self- analyse to ensure constant development as a trainer

How to accept constructive feedhack about your training


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