Charles Bloe Training

Specialist Providers of Complex Care, Clinical Skills, Immunisation (Vaccination) and Mandatory Training for nurses and pharmacists

All courses are available as face to face or via virtual classrooms for all mandatory, clincial and complex care subjects.

We are specialist providers of accredited healthcare training courses and CPD events for nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, health care assistants and other health & social care professionals. All our accredited healthcare training events can be used towards your revalidation or re-registration with your healthcare body. Whatever your training needs are, we have a range of courses for you.

Why use Charles Bloe Training?

  • Specialists in complex care: we create bespoke training solutions around your learning needs

  • Bookable CPD events: vaccination / immunisation and ECG Demystified

  • Award-winning elearning courses available at a competitive price

  • Mandatory training has been verified by Skills for Health as aligning to the Core Skills Training Framework

  • Virtual training and webinar options now available


Charles Bloe Training Ltd was established in 1998 by Charles Bloe (BSc RGN NDN ITU cert).

Originally renowned for the delivery of expert face-to-face training courses, we have embraced the opportunities of online learning.

In August 2019, Mandy Day – Calder took over directorship of the company and remains active as Strategic Director.

This year (2024) we welcome another change as Alastair Robertson MSc CiPD PgC joins the company as Managing Director. Pauline Robertson joins the company as Projects Director. Charlie remains active within the company, both as Clinical Advisor and Specialist Trainer.

The company continues to operate at a high level in the provision of quality focussed training courses for people involved in the provision of care services. As always, we are keen to receive feedback so please feel free to contact us about any aspect of our services.

Available courses

Behaviour management courses

Challenging Behaviour

4.1 (9 reviews)

Deescalation techniques

4.7 (20 reviews)

Competencies courses

Complex Care courses

Acute Brain injury ABI

4.8 (5 reviews)

British sign language

5.0 (16 reviews)

Clinical Observations

4.9 (14 reviews)


4.9 (82 reviews)


5.0 (1 review)

NG Train the trainer

4.8 (9 reviews)


5.0 (1 review)

PEG & Enteral feeding

4.8 (228 reviews)


4.9 (66 reviews)

Spinal injury

4.8 (212 reviews)

ECG courses

ECG awareness

5.0 (103 reviews)

ECG demystified

5.0 (304 reviews)

General Clinical Skills courses

Bowel & colostomy care

4.9 (17 reviews)

Cardiology Workshop

5.0 (28 reviews)

Catheter care

4.9 (53 reviews)

Catheterisation ALL

4.9 (48 reviews)

Oral suctioning

4.6 (45 reviews)

Stoma & wound care

4.9 (50 reviews)

Syringe driver

4.7 (26 reviews)

Verification of death

4.8 (62 reviews)

Mandatory courses

1 day Acute programme

4.8 (1,193 reviews)

1 day Paediatric Program

5.0 (15 reviews)

Anaphylaxis and Epipen

4.9 (8 reviews)

Basic life support

4.8 (3,411 reviews)

BLS & Anaphylaxis

4.9 (52 reviews)


4.8 (1,265 reviews)

BLS MH skills session

4.9 (65 reviews)

First Aid & BLS

4.8 (1,100 reviews)

First Aid at work

4.1 (8 reviews)

HCSWD Acute Programme

4.9 (612 reviews)

HCSWD Mental Health

4.9 (48 reviews)

HCSWD Paediatrics

4.8 (111 reviews)

Manual Handling

4.8 (2,329 reviews)

Moving & assisting people

4.7 (2,800 reviews)

Moving & Handling

4.7 (1,060 reviews)

Mental Health courses

Safeguarding adults

4.7 (21 reviews)

Safeguarding children

5.0 (3 reviews)

Stress awareness

4.8 (8 reviews)

Vaccination & Immunisation courses

Covid Training

4.7 (106 reviews)

Immunisation Update

4.3 (43 reviews)


4.8 (815 reviews)

Venepuncture courses


4.5 (11 reviews)


4.9 (193 reviews)

Other courses

Charles Bloe Training

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