Vaccination with BLS & Anaphylaxis


This accredited workshop will enable you to develop the practical skills required to vaccinate both adults and children against influenza (the ‘flu’) and other illnesses.

You will also be trained to recognise and manage anaphylaxis and how to perform basic life support (adults and children).

During the practical workshop, all delegates will have their vaccination technique (IM and S/C) observed by the specialist trainer. However, we recommend that all delegates who are new to immunisation undertake a period of supervised competency assessment in your clinical area. We can provide a competency framework to assist this process.

Target audience: nurses, health care assistants, pharmacists and other registered health care staff involved in vaccination / immunisation. Please note: this training does not cover the role of an HCA or process of delegating the task. Currently this must be done at a local / organisational level.
Level: suitable for those new to vaccination (as part of a blended programme) as well as those requiring an update.
Course duration: 3.5 hours
You will also get access to our Flu Immunisation Refresher Bundle (worth £45) which gives background theoretical knowledge. Online course enrolments will be sent once course is confirmed. All learners will receive a CPD certificate.

What you will learn

Learning outcomes include:

Understand issues surrounding consent and restraint when vaccinating children.
Understand the importance of proper vaccine storage and handling.
Understand how to prepare for immunisation and support patients.
Identify an appropriate anatomical site for vaccination in adults and children.
Safely perform a vaccination following a period of supervised practice and assessment of training competency.
Identify complications associated with vaccination.
Understand the physiology and triggers of anaphylaxis, and management.
Identify the early signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and how to manage this emergency condition (using auto injectors as well as ‘adrenaline packs’).
Understand how to perform adult and / or paediatric basic life support in accordance with UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

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Charles Bloe Training
Charles Bloe Training
3.5 Hours
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