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Effective Minute Taking Reviews

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Emily M, 31 Jan 2020


The pace of the course was far too slow - I was expecting and hoping to cover how to actually take minutes, and do some practical exercises in abbreviations and short hand and tips and tricks. Instead we spent what felt like the entire day talking about how important sitting next to the chair is and the agenda. This course didn’t provide what I was looking for. Additionally, and I acknowledge this was no one’s fault but our trainer was an hour late due to tube issues, and we were left waiting. They gave us food and 50% off but this meant the course started later than was expected and coupled with the slow pace, we barely made progress through the work book. I also felt like we were just reading through the workbook during the session, which we could’ve done in our own time. I appreciate and like Bhupan’s energy but this was not a good use of my time.

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