VBA Masterclass


This two day workshop style training event will take a Step-by-step approach in helping users to start creating their own VBA programs for Excel.

This course will provide inexperienced macros users with enough knowledge of the fundamentals, to begin writing your own macro programs.

What you will learn

  • Maximising use of the Macro Recorder – Relative & Absolute recordings
  • Managing macros using the VBA Editor
  • Run macros from via Toolbar buttons and via controls on your spread sheet
  • Work with and understand Object-oriented concepts – Objects, Methods and Properties
  • Use Variables in your program code
  • Use looping constructs to perform repetitive tasks
  • Use IF THEN constructs to make decisions and control the flow of your programs
  • Create and use Input Boxes and Message boxes use data from users
  • Create User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Create macros that execute automatically via Workbooks events
  • Manage macro errors with Error Handling code
  • Debug your macros

Further information

We Are Excel
We Are Excel
2 Days
Birmingham, London

Contact Information

We Are Excel

Longcroft House
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