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Culture is behaviour – it’s what your people believe and do. So, when you are trying to drive change in your organisation it makes sense to change your people’s behaviour too.

Global Edge provides directed, simulation-learning for leaders, managers and client-facing teams. Work-place scenarios are bespoke-designed to connect your strategy to your organisation’s unique culture. All are run by our team of experienced actor-coaches.

Your people learn a suite of communications skills and insights into when to use each one. That makes them far more effective when interacting with clients and with each other. As a result, your culture supports your strategy and it gets implemented.

We offer differential training solutions to address your specific business chalenges:

- Driving change

- Strategy execution

- Strategic decision making

- Operational v. cultural focus

- Getting people to perform at their best

- Breakind down silos

- Doing v. managing

- Creating a consistent management approach

- Not nipping things in the bud

- Being a trusted advisor



Why use Global Edge ?

  • We are experts in communication and personal impact. We offer communication tools to make strategy happen.

  • We increase the frequency, quality and impact of everyday conversations in the workplace, giving individuals and teams that extra ‘edge’, as well as dramatically increasing engagement levels and productivity.

  • We developed our Five Conversation Styles© Programme based on our deep behavioural knowledge.

  • We deliver measurable benefits: Increased self-awareness, confidence and flexibility in communication, High impact learning with accelerated changes in behaviour, Increased engagement, accountability and performance.

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