Supporting Vulnerable Customers


A 1-day course to challenge assumptions and build confidence in how to identify, respond and support vulnerable customers. Through insight, shared experience and case studies the training will better equip customer-facing teams to deal with customer’s diverse needs.

Every organisation has customers who are facing situations that make them vulnerable. How we interact with those customers can either improve or hinder their ability to access the products, services and support they need. During this course we explore ways to make a positive difference.

What you will learn

Learning Objectives
By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise a wide range of situations and circumstances that can lead to vulnerability and the impact these have on individuals
  • Understand and identify the different and additional needs of customers experiencing vulnerability
  • Build a resource of useful and appropriate questions and responses and know how and when to apply them
  • Understand the importance of signposting
  • Apply the knowledge gained to better support customers experiencing vulnerability


Course Content:

Understanding Vulnerability

  • Definition of a vulnerable customer
  • The 6 drivers of vulnerability
  • The Impacts of vulnerability


Identifying Vulnerability

  • Behaviours and characteristics of vulnerability
  • The potential risk of harm and consequences
  • Volunteered and detected disclosure


Responding to Vulnerability

  • Our thinking and assumptions around vulnerability
  • Developing the art of active listening
  • Responding vs reacting
  • The power of empathy


Supporting Customers

  • Recognising and addressing practical needs
  • The role of signposting
  • How and when to signpost
  • Signposting resources

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