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Euromoney's School of Leadership and Management has been the go to destination for aspiring and senior leaders globally for over a decade.

Steeped in the financial services heritage of Euromoney, this programme has built a reputation for its interactivity and ability to focus on real world problems. Due to demand from our clients in North America, South America and the Caribbean we have decided to run the London School of Leadership and Management in Miami November 18th to 22nd 2019. Directed by leading names in leadership development from across the globe, this will be a unique opportunity to gain insight on areas such as communication, strategic direction, business co-ordination, communication of key business messages and motivating others to change.

What you will learn

  • Align the team around key management objectives
  • Drive strategic direction
  • Create innovation in the organisation so that the business manages change effectively
  • Communicate effectively with personality types
  • Lead your team towards continuous improvement
  • Influence others in the organisation to create more effective outputs
  • Manage change effectively
  • Create a high performance culture
  • Effectively deal with conflict in the organisation
  • Drive a culture of excellence
  • Describe the key motivational needs that drive behaviour and influence performance
  • Assess your own motivational profile, and determine its impact on your management practices
  • Identify ways to determine the motivational profiles of others
  • Develop strategies and tactics to broaden your own management practices and to support the motivational needs of individual employees
  • Apply these to more effectively manage your own direct reports

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Euromoney Learning
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