Chief Compliance Officers (CCO) Programme


This advanced 5-day course in compliance risk management will refine your understanding of how to align, manage, and implement a compliance vision that supports your firm’s mission with behavioral integrity as the cornerstone.

A long term senior financial services executive who is currently a dean and professor with over 20 years’ experience in compliance and risk, the course instructor combines a range of learning methods to examine:

  • the integrative nature of compliance in the overall firm mission and corporate governance structure
  • behavioral compliance; the emerging field that focuses on the use of social science concepts in psychology and economics to influence behavior built upon integrity and values
  • the appropriate development and use of risk metrics
  • the development of a corporate compliance culture and the CCO's challenge in influencing communication and organisational behaviour 
  • the integrative nature of compliance in the risk spectrum
  • the development and management of an end-to-end compliance programme
  • today's most pressing compliance and risk challenges such as stressing testing and CCAR

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