Mastering Financial Negotiations


This three-day programme has been designed to enhance the negotiating skills of the participants so that business is secured and retained at an acceptable return, where both internal and customer relations are developed and improved.

What you will learn

  • Define how financial negotiation differs to negotiation in other industries
  • Utilise case studies from different banking sectors
  • Explain the role that negotiation has within your organisation’s strategy
  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of their own negotiating style and identify specific areas of behaviour to be developed/changed so as to improve their performance in future negotiations
  • Explain the phases and stages involved in a negotiation
  • Prepare and plan for a negotiation in a systematic, flexible and effective way
  • Distinguish between “Concession trading” and “Concession making”
  • Communicate more effectively by using questioning, listening and observation skills
  • Distinguish between tactics which are acceptable and those which are not
  • Face with confidence their next negotiation using ideas generated during the workshop

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Euromoney Learning
3 Days
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