Sales Management 2


Lead your teams to success.
The sales team within an organisation is a powerful entity, they are the face of a business, able to make or break customer relationships and business reputations. A sales team needs to be focused, directed, energised and engaged requiring skilled sales managers who are adept at wearing the many hats required by the role to achieve increasingly challenging targets.
Key Outcomes
Motivate your team, focusing on their strengths to achieve results
Coach your team for optimum performance
Use a clear business plan for developing, forecasting and measuring business
Confidently prepare and deliver productive and motivational sales meetings
Use tools to identify, measure and analyse team activity and align to core business objectives
Target Audience
Experienced, newly appointed and potential Sales Managers, as well as Senior Sales Professionals seeking an in-depth appreciation of sales leadership.

What you will learn

This 2 part course provides a safe environment needed for sales managers to explore, learn and perfect the sales management skills required to effectively develop and lead high performing sales teams.
Sales Management Part 1 focuses on the core sales management skills required to create and lead a professional sales team.
Sales Management Part 2 expands on the core skills by focusing on business planning, forecasting, driving results, developing business acumen and understanding the financial elements of the sales management role.
You will leave this course able to:
Identify your own sales management style and improve performance by adapting your approach to meet the needs of your team
Lead and motivate your sales team to achieve results in both good and challenging times
Establish realistic Key Performance Indicators for individuals and the team as a whole
Organise yourself, your priorities and your time effectively
Recruit and select high performing salespeople
Prepare and deliver impactful and motivational team meetings
Benchmark and coach your team during field visits
Conduct effective performance reviews
Create your own Development Diary and Personal Action Plan to help you, your team and your company long after the programme

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