Effectively communicating and selling to customers


This practical short course demonstrates the tools and techniques you can use to communicate better with everyone – especially customers. Central to the delivery of this programme are understanding important elements of emotional intelligence which demonstrate how to rescue potentially costly situations where communication appears to have broken down.

What you will learn

Module one (morning)
The difference between communicating ideas and selling ideas
Barriers to good communication
Succinct and clear verbal communication
Transactional analysis - Parent, Adult, Child theory
How behaviour and personality influence the way people communicate
o Communicating more effectively individually
o Using different styles of language to build rapport
Dealing with difficult situations

Module two (afternoon)
Building effortless rapport
Establishing and maintaining trust
Understanding the motivations of others
o Step in selling
o Suggestive selling
Dealing with objections
Overcoming hesitation
Positive influencing language - how to use it and how to say it
How others use their learning and engagement styles to influence

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